Sunday, September 11, 2016

We are still around.....LOL

Today I was thinking about when I first started this blog back in 08-09. Facebook was still new (in fact I remember the day I was 'invited' to join- still took me a year before I actually did!), smartphones were not part of everyday life- there was Blackberry's, Ipods only played music, Blu Ray's hadn't come out yet, no one had heard of a 'cloud' and wireless internet was not in every home! Crazy how much has happened in 8 years! I started this blog to document things our little family was doing and now we have Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch and communicate with. It kinda made me sad. I miss reading blog posts about holidays, first day of school, birthdays and just the cool events that were documented. It took TIME to create a blog post, much more than a simple one liner caption under a picture. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing the pictures on Instagram and Facebook and I post quite a few myself! I just feel like we lose the remembering, the reliving, of those moments we treasure. Sitting down to write a blog post about the first day of school makes it that much more real, more solid, more a part of our family history. A picture is worth a thousand words but if you can't find that picture in ten years does it still hold that value? Okay so enough ranting and here are some pictures of our family- two years later :) We now live in Thermopolis, WY and are loving it! Still have my three boys and life is pretty great :)

 Those big boys are mine! It's crazy!! They are BIG into dinosaurs so it is lucky we moved to a town that has the largest collection of dinosaurs in the country (maybe the world?).

Nathan is 8, he is enjoying 2nd grade, loves to read (he is slaying the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series) and he still loves animals and the color blue.

Ammon is 6, LOVES 1st grade, has become quite the little reader and LOVES dinosaurs (especially velociraptors) and LOVES watermelon (seriously, I might have to grow him a watermelon garden!)

Lukey is 3, stated preschool at CRC this year (4 hours a week I am alone with out kids for the first time in 8 years....yea still am getting used to it!), he enjoys his 'alone' time and plays by himself for hours. He is my lukeybook and he is my kiddo that can make me smile no matter what- he is my little ray of sunshine!

Michael is working at Blair's as one of the store managers and I am still a SAHM who is going to school part time (I AM going to graduate this next May- it will happen!!!) and I run two little Etsy shops! SO while this sounds a bit like a Christmas letter (LOL) no worries I will try to update over this way once a month. Our life is great and the Silly Wille's are still going strong!

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