Sunday, September 11, 2016

We are still around.....LOL

Today I was thinking about when I first started this blog back in 08-09. Facebook was still new (in fact I remember the day I was 'invited' to join- still took me a year before I actually did!), smartphones were not part of everyday life- there was Blackberry's, Ipods only played music, Blu Ray's hadn't come out yet, no one had heard of a 'cloud' and wireless internet was not in every home! Crazy how much has happened in 8 years! I started this blog to document things our little family was doing and now we have Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch and communicate with. It kinda made me sad. I miss reading blog posts about holidays, first day of school, birthdays and just the cool events that were documented. It took TIME to create a blog post, much more than a simple one liner caption under a picture. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing the pictures on Instagram and Facebook and I post quite a few myself! I just feel like we lose the remembering, the reliving, of those moments we treasure. Sitting down to write a blog post about the first day of school makes it that much more real, more solid, more a part of our family history. A picture is worth a thousand words but if you can't find that picture in ten years does it still hold that value? Okay so enough ranting and here are some pictures of our family- two years later :) We now live in Thermopolis, WY and are loving it! Still have my three boys and life is pretty great :)

 Those big boys are mine! It's crazy!! They are BIG into dinosaurs so it is lucky we moved to a town that has the largest collection of dinosaurs in the country (maybe the world?).

Nathan is 8, he is enjoying 2nd grade, loves to read (he is slaying the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series) and he still loves animals and the color blue.

Ammon is 6, LOVES 1st grade, has become quite the little reader and LOVES dinosaurs (especially velociraptors) and LOVES watermelon (seriously, I might have to grow him a watermelon garden!)

Lukey is 3, stated preschool at CRC this year (4 hours a week I am alone with out kids for the first time in 8 years....yea still am getting used to it!), he enjoys his 'alone' time and plays by himself for hours. He is my lukeybook and he is my kiddo that can make me smile no matter what- he is my little ray of sunshine!

Michael is working at Blair's as one of the store managers and I am still a SAHM who is going to school part time (I AM going to graduate this next May- it will happen!!!) and I run two little Etsy shops! SO while this sounds a bit like a Christmas letter (LOL) no worries I will try to update over this way once a month. Our life is great and the Silly Wille's are still going strong!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had another fun family themed Halloween! Luke is completely in love with Perry the Platypus from the Disney show Phineas and Ferb. So we all were characters from the show!

Dad: Dr. Doofenshermiz
Mom: Candace
Nathan: Phineas
Ammon: Ferb
Luke: Perry

It was so much fun to see Luke point to himself and say "pear" (his word for Perry!) They were all so cute!

We carved pumpkins- well, Nathan and Ammon emptied the pumpkins, Dad and Mom carved the pumpkins and Luke modeled face after face for us :)

We had Grammy and the gang over from Jack O'Lantern Pizza and then we went Trick-or-Treating around the block! The boys got candy, they were cute and Halloween was a success :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

First day of School!

We had two big days back to back this year! Nathan started Kindergarten at Jackson Elementary and Ammon started preschool at Absaroka Head Start!!! I am just in shock that they are so grown up already!

Nathan has Mrs. Lynch and likes kindergarten alright- it's a big change! Full day school and it's not as much fun as when I was little. He does like his teacher and has quite a few friends so life is good!

Ammon is going to head start 4 days a week for 4 hours! He can't get enough and bounces into school everyday! He is LOVING it and I love all the changes I see in him in such a short time! Growing up!

Ammon turned 4!

Wait what???? My little boy is 4 years old?!?!? How did that happen???? Ammon is still my little snuggle buy and sweet boy! He loves cars, planes, trucks, macaroni and cheese and hotdogs!We LOVE you Ammon!!!!

Summer Re-Cap

WOW! Here it is September, the boys are back in school (post to come!) and summer has ended! Here is what we did!

Housework, housework, housework!!! We put a new surround in the bathroom, tore up the carpet in the playroom, built shelves in the new widened closet, got a new bay window installed, grew grass, and got the house all spic and span for Monica's wedding reception!!!

Crazy my little sis got married!! Still don't have any pics so I will post those when they come!


Ammon played T-Ball- and was the cutest player on the field!

Joe came home from his two-year mission to San Salvador

We went to the Ogden Temple Open House!

and finally headed down to Pine Valley to visit Grandma and Grandpa Schiefer!

A summer full of work and fun- who could ask for more?!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

1st and Last day of School

I know I have been an AWFUL blogger! You can see scrap pages I do over at   Check it out :) Okay so since we just finished up school I thought I would at least post the first and last days pics! Here they are!

Okay so I SWEAR I did not plan for him to wear the SAME shirt! In fact I had NO idea until just now- posting this......

 And here we have Ammon's- he wasn't so attached to his shirts-lol

Now looking at the pictures I can say that my boys really haven't changed as much as I thought they might but they both are smarter little guys!!

I can't believe next year I will have a Kindergartener and a Head Start Preschooler.....where does time go????

Hope everyone is gearing up for a fun summer!! We are!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Christmas

We had a great Christmas in the Wille household!

 The boys were spoiled yet again by the man in red! Ammon awoke at 3 AM he was so excited! (Mom had to put him in her bed so he wouldn't sneak out...again) The family awoke around 6:30 and then we were off!

Opening new jammies on Christmas Eve

The thrill of presents Christmas Morning


and visiting family made up our Christmas festivities!